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NO SAVES in coop-multiplayer is DISRESPECTFUL of your customers time!

Posted 5 years ago

Dear Rebellion Staff,

my brothers and i have had a good deal of fun with Sniper Elite V2 and Nazi Zombi Army 2 but we all have the biggest issue concerning the SAVE function in multiplayer. We bought Zombie Army 3 now only remembering the fun stuff about hte series but not recalling the aggravating things. Here it is again: Why for the love of good can you not enable us to resume a level at a specific checkpoint when this functionality clearly is in the game (singleplayer)?

We all have close to twenty years of gaming experience and you can trust that we are able to call out anti-consumer behaviour. This design decision, to rip out the already programmed save function from multiplayer, is incredibly disrespectful of yours customers time and quite unworthy of a 2015 game.

I would understand if the singleplayer lacked a save function. As a solo player you are in much better control of when and how you actually play. Whether you actually have time to finish a level in one sitting. In multiplayer not so much. We have jobs, we have kids. Lots of stuff can interrupt a coop-session....and the we loose all our progress.

I really don't see how i can keep up my motivation and motivate my brothers to actually play and finisht the 3 campaigns. It all depends on being lucky enough to actually make it through one level in the alotted time. And why make that decision in the first place? Simply stating that all yours previous games were made in that fassion is no answer at all. We are living in 2016 and te average gamer often is about 30 years of age. We are not 15 anymore with tons of time on our hands to grind and grind again.

Do you think it makes the game more challenging or Dark Soulish? No, it doesn't. Quite to the contrary: the gameplay itself should be challening, not the game itself via its load/save functionality. What will happen is the following: to avoid that aggravting feeling of being robbed of all our progress and the pain it causes to do it all over again anouther day, we will probably simply lower the difficulty so that we can simply 'rush' through the levels so we can make sure we either definately finish within one session or limit the pain when we have to run through the level another day.

We are not bad players, but there are always a lot of reasons why one of us must leave before we finish.

So please, add this save function in multiplayer. This game con be so much fun in multiplayer. Note being able to save in coop doesn't add to the challange, it adds nothing to the game except pain and frustration. If you want to keep games with limited time as your paying customres, don't disrespect their TIME.

I for one won't be buying another Rebellion game as long as it causes me so much annoyance over such a trivial matter: offering a save functionality in mulitplayer that is in the game already.

I really hope you reevaluate your decision towards that issue and so we all can go back to actually playing and enjoying your games.

Posted 1 year ago

 I think I could disagree with the main ideas. I won’t share it with my friends.. You should think of other ways to express your ideas. 

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