Zombie Army



xray killcam?

Posted 5 years ago

I just got the game today, and have played the game for a while and havent noticed any xray killcams yet, are there only certain parts of the campaign it shows up in?


Posted 5 years ago

The killcam is still in the game. You will experience its full goryness when playing Solo.
It is reduced when playing multiplayer due to time slowing effects. (Negative impact on other players, especially 4 player)
Also you can check your Game Settings for the Bullet Cam Frequency. This will allow you to change the frequency of how often you will see the XRAY killcam. :)

Posted 5 years ago

The kill well played so far..
Nothing feels better than blowing apart zombie skulls from a couple hundred yards
\m/ 0o \m/

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