Zombie Army



Am I missing something?

Posted 6 years ago

I thought I had read that if you owned both 1 and 2 on steam you can get the 60 % off the console version. Would be nice if that was the case but I can see Sony allowing that before Microsoft. Current situation in my life right now just makes it easier for me to jump on the XBOX than PC whenever I have a short time to myself.


Posted 6 years ago

Unfortunately this was a Steam only deal. 60% off the Steam version if you own the prior games.

Posted 6 years ago

Yeah, so I found out. I was hoping you could at least link your steam account through rebellion and receive the discount. But I'm a sucker and paid full price on xbox. The discount price does me no good if I don't have time to even turn on my pc.
Thanks for the response.

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