Zombie Army



Zombie Army Trilogy Pre-Load and Unable to join Multiplayer/Horde



Posted 5 years ago

Your PS4 may allow you to start playing certain parts of the game before the game has fully installed. Please check your download queue see how much of the installation has completed.
When the game has fully installed on your system you shouldn't run into issues when trying to play.
The Pre-Load is only about 3-4 Gb.
Feel free to comment below if you have any questions!

Posted 5 years ago

How do you search for party when you and a friend are already in a party ?
Example 2 people ( Friends ) start a party and want to play HORDE
How to you search for 2 more people if no more friends are online playing this game ?
Where is the Searching for Party / Member function ?

Posted 5 years ago

Download the list shows part of the 3-4g has the installation is complete, after didn't show the new download,how to do?

Posted 5 years ago

The download queue has shown the part of 3-4 GB has been installed, but didn't show any new downloads

Posted 5 years ago

I have downloaded it twice now and still can't play coop on ps4, it says it has been installed but if I look in the memory storage and click on the game it says the game is around 9gb but underneath that it says 4.92gb/9.5 gb.
I paid £32 for this please can you help

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