Zombie Army



First Person Shooter & easter eggs

Posted 4 years ago

is there any option that i can make the game play as First Person Shooter for my display? and is there any Easter eggs in the game?
thanks & regards

Posted 4 years ago

I doubt there is a first person mode, and For Easter Eggs, Rebellion would have to reply to that.

Posted 4 years ago

The only thing that makes me hesitate to buy this game is if there's no first person mode! i am a fan of zombie games specially zombies from treyarch because it's classic and Zombie Army is classic game too instead of those future games these days and i really wish if there's a first person mode, it would be also awesome for some Easter Eggs hidden songs!


Posted 4 years ago

Hey, at the moment there is not a first person mode.
I would say there are a few easter eggs in the game. You will need to find these for yourself. A lot of people have already seen the toy train in City of Ashes.

Posted 4 years ago

that's cool i will have a look at the toy train in City of Ashes, and please try to make the first person mode because it would be so awesome. thanks for your reply.

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