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Chapter 'The Keep' sync bugs?

Posted 4 years ago

Hi guys,
Me and 2 of my friends buying this games and played it on steam,
In episode 3 just after a missions of collects explosives and put it in the generator, the timer start counting down and the three of us start running, but after the first skeleton room right in the upstair door, 2 of my friends cant move at all and got stuck until they dead and even after three of us dead the screen keep syncing between us.
We replayed this mission just to be sure but it did just the same, and in the same door. We cant advanced with this issue.
A few things to notice are we took more explosives than it should be, and one of my friend got disconnected and reconnected during searching the explosives.
Hope you guys can fix this as this game is awesome.

Posted 3 years ago

 We also ran into this problem. There are 4 of us playing on Steam and as soon as we all run into the room, all of us get Syncing and we can never get beyond. We've tried it twice now and it fails in the same way.

Posted 2 years ago

 This still happening on the "The Keep" level during episode 3. During the final ,countdown after exploding the keep's generators and escaping; while crossing the door which leads to the corridor with the screaming burning skeletons on a PC/Steam multiplayer public game, the other clients get stuck while the game host find himself alone for the great finale. This bug gives me nightmares. I want to dream... I want to dream a bug free ZAT. This is a must fix for this amazing game. 

Posted 2 years ago

Yezzzzzzzz. I am one of these bastards. I am a chronic player and my dreamzzzzz are zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. \m/!!!

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