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Who'd like to see Rebellion make another Judge Dredd (Or other 2000AD) based game?

Posted 6 years ago

Hey guys I just wanted to see if anyone would be interested in this...
I have been waiting for years now (Since Rogue Trooper came out) to see if Rebellion would make another 2000AD based game, at the time it seemed to me that they were working their way through 2000AD IP with Judge Dredd then Rogue Trooper. At the time I thought the next logical step would be a hack and slash based on Slaine or sticking with their usual formula, a shooter based on Strontium Dog or something.
Then 360 & PS3 came out...
I thought (read:hoped) with these new consoles they would do a new Dredd game but alas nothing. Now with the next gen of consoles out and well established i'm still holding out hope they will make something so I wanted to make this post to see if there was interest and if so, what type of Dredd or other 2000AD game they would like to see and how it should be done.
I loved Dredd vs Death and thought it was done really well. Judge Dredd is my favourite comic hero and as such I would love to see another game starring him. Preferably i'd like to see a 3rd person open world Dredd game, one that gets to make use of Dredds Lawmaster (his bike) and his law enforcement skills with more actual police work than just straight up shooting folk. I know it might seem a bit much to do an open world on mega City One as it takes up most of Americas eastern coastline but its a game so it doesn't have to be exact size, either that or just set the game in one particular sector of Mega City One (leaving other sectors open to be explored in future games).
It could take inspiration from fellow UK dev Rocksteady's Arkham games in terms of the city and all the different characters that could turn up as well as Dredd doing a little detective work then deciding on the sentence of the perps (let go, time in the cubes, death?) As for the driving bits I think it could take a little inspiration from Sleeping Dogs using big highways to connect the different districts to get about then going on foot to explore the various alleys, blocks, malls etc.
What do you guys think? good/bad idea? Would you like to see it done differently or a different 2000AD game entirely?
(Sorry for the lengthy post)

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