Zombie Army



Legitimate Civilized Rant Thread!

Posted 6 years ago

As the title states, this is a complaint thread...there are many like it...but this one's mine! Please keep it civil and list the things that bother you about the game. This is NOT meant to be a rant or whine thread, just constructive criticism so please keep it that way.
1. Removal of "use cover": I understand the reason for it to not be here in theory, but on hardest difficulty it is really useful against enemy zombie snipers! Please re-implement this back into the game! It also helps with third person camera.
2. Auto kick : I can see why this would be used in a multi-player game, but why in a private match?! Needs to be removed for private games.
3. Possible hit box issue : Ill need input on this one. It could be that Im just not that good as I thought I was or killing the zombies is "harder", even on easier difficulty. Has the zombie health been increased? After you play a game for a while ( zombie army 1 and 2 ) you get a feel for being able to tell when you are gonna get a 1 shot kill. In Trilogy, it seems it sometimes takes more than 1 head shot, even on 60+ mbps cable.
Well that's mine. Add replies to mine and / or add your own!

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