Zombie Army



Trying to get Coop trophy but cant get a team to stay through a whole mission.

Posted 5 years ago

can anyone help me

Posted 5 years ago

sure whats your psn name?

Posted 5 years ago

oh cool my name is the same. TIGER-T-2k8, small k

Posted 5 years ago

you are already on my friends list but hit me up when i am on or send me a message. if i aint doing anything i will get on. SNUBKILLER75 is my ps4 name by the way if you didnt know.

Posted 4 years ago

Do you still require help? I've decided to platinum the game - i play with sniper elite diff with enemies set to 1 player, but it still takes long to get through a stage.Im looking for someone who can play the game properly and who prrefably wants to platinum the game.

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