Zombie Army



alterations // detail

Posted 4 years ago

please bring the fear of the enemies back into this game.. something has happened since nazi zombie army 1 and 2. i feel as like the enemies have been nerf'd even on the hardest setting. there is not a sense of fear like the other 2.. i can just run through kicking monsters.. i took down say 70 zombies all by kicking them. martyrs are one shot deaths, skeletons explode when they use to bring serious fear when they hit the field.. this company is on the path of becoming a modern id software and this game has been dumbed down and made easy.. there is aspects that are good in the zombie army trilogy but i will definitely say nazi zombie army 1 and 2 were the right direction for me. nazi zombie army invoked fear, had enemy ruthlessness, left with tactical cornering saying OH SH1T, need for serious distance, there was variation, haze, no visible spawning, spawns/fire zombies/snipers/skeletons were to be taken extremely serious. these are things to think about. these are things that brought me to this game. i've bought zombie army trilogy twice now, once on steam for a discount having owned the previous two and once for xbox one(which i regret btw, runs horribly). bring the old school elements back and add coordinated AI like what you would see in the original doom series or quake 1/2. those are my two wishes for this series.

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