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Just throwing out some ideas.

Posted 5 years ago

Here are some ideas i have had some old ones, new ones and community suggestions:
I have noticed that we are missing the old iron sight option for the sniper rifles that existed in sniper elite 3 and sniper elite V2 is there a possibility that you guys can please bring this back.
or please add an option as other members have sugested for first person mode. (Perhaps similar to the arma 3 where the character goes into first person mode when aiming and shooting).
Standard sighted rifles with adjustable iron sights would be cool (like red orchestra 2).
Some various faction skins, both Allied and Wehrmachts.
Added detachable bayonets for all rifles to replacing kick your oponets.
This suggestion could be for future titles: have co-operative modes based on ten men squads. Each selecting roles with in the squads. MG, DMR, rifleman (being the most numerous), assault or shock troops (shotguns/smg/semi-auto rifles). And of course squad leader.
Please feel free throw out any ideas. Thankyou for your time and the great game!

Posted 5 years ago

Sorry one more suggestion please consider adding a coversystem of sometype. Similar to Red orchestra 2 or arma 3. Or original system of cover used in sniper elite 3.

Posted 5 years ago

Apologies I just found out that the RButton allows you to toggle iron sights sorry disregard my previous mention of not having iron sights

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