Zombie Army




Posted 6 years ago

Love it!
I jumped on a hosts game over the weekend.
Usually don't play cadet ..but it was set and I wanted a warm up match anyway.
long story short us four random players made it to wave 24 in no sanctuary..the match lasted over 2 hours!
cadet or not it was pretty cool to see the levels play out..typically marksmen or SE levels...most random host're doing good to hit wave10.
Anyone make it passed wave 24?just wondering how far it goes..
cuz honestly we was blowing the heads off multiple super elites...but in wave 24...just couldn't seem to dropem. ...maybe we all were just gamed out?

Posted 6 years ago

I made it to level 26 i believe, if not then 25 with the marksmen level, holy christ but the only effective weapon was the Webley and i had to headshot elites like 100 was hell but it was fun haha

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