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Can we have an option to turn off 'kick if idle' in private lobbies please?

Posted 5 years ago

I've been playing 4 player co-op with the same friends since the days of humping our pc's across town to play Hidden & Dangerous, so when one of my chums needs to take a phonecall or go for a slash - none of us mind! We'll wait! What's this, my chums just been booted for being idle, great - NOT! So now you have a situation whereby anyone needs to take 5 they have to jam an elastic band on their pad (which we don't really like doing) just to not get kicked.
I can fully understand being kicked if idle on a public match, but in a private game where we have known and played with each other for years, it's ridiculous - moreso not even having the option to turn it off!
That's it! My only gripe with this great game. ZAT is turning out to be great fun for the £££'s spent, other than my moan here - i'm happy!

Posted 5 years ago

Hey JimReaper,
Thanks for the feedback, I will pass it onto the team!
Other than the frustration of being kicked, I'm glad to hear your enjoying the game with your friends so far :)

Posted 5 years ago

Not 100% sure.
But if that was you lastnight.
Good Game ..
If not carry
Probably one of the best horde matches I've yet to play.
again not that I'm the best player.or egotistical
I do alright..but the cat I played with lastnight.
was on his game..I was honored to place #2 in that match 8)

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