Zombie Army



Couple of co-op questions guys...

Posted 5 years ago

Im the host and I play with my friend.
1. Game doesn't save?? If we quit at checkpoint it won't start from there.
2. Stats don't save or matter?
Thank You

Posted 5 years ago

Hey Mrg24,
Coop sessions will not be saved at checkpoints, this is how all our previous games have worked. Each level is designed to be played through in one session when played online. Singleplayer will allow you to have a more casual play through with checkpoint saves.
Stats in Singleplayer and coop should be tracked. However, for them to be seen on the leaderboard you must have a consistent internet connection so they can be synced. You can see your personal career stats in the Extras section in the main menu.
Hope this helps answer your questions!

Posted 5 years ago

hey guys,
i am with mrg24 on this one. It is incredibly painful to be forced to finish one level in one sitting in coop. Me and my two brothers play Part 2 from time to time and morr often than not we don't play because we have to grind through the entire levels jsut to go on from where we left off last time. Yes, it aint a problem if u have enough time...but once u have a desyncronization or one of the players has a crash....come on. Its just very frustrating to be forced to do it all over again. It would be so simple. Is there really no way to access a specific checkpoint in coop?

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