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Zombie Army 4: Dead War is Out Now on Steam!



Posted 6 months ago

 Zombie Army 4: Dead War is now out on Steam! You can now get your teeth into some major zombie slayage!

You will be able to access all available content from the store. Please be aware that at this time the in-game content purchasing system is still being worked on, so don't panic if you are seeing that items aren't accessible. You can still get any extras via the Steam store page.

We are excited to hear what everyone thinks!

Posted 6 months ago

 Hello !

I am wondering, like at least one other individual in this forum, does ZA4 come with coop voice chat? 

I know ZAT came with it, and it was a GOOD thing. I could keep people from going down by simply saying, "watch your back!" . Geesh I think I said that many times.....hehehehehe

My request for such a feature is clear - having been in the US military, a good plan and a change of directions is necessary to keep everyone on the same page. Earthlings don't do well in a silent environment, so why is it so in some games?

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