Zombie Army




Posted 7 months ago

 I so much wish you had included QUICKSAVE!  Why, why not at least make this optional?  A feature that can be off by default but enabled along with "difficulty" selection?

Quicksave lets me go through a game like this at my pace, and I can level up in difficulty as I want to.  The game becomes addicting because I can always make progress, and can be replayed entirely many times because I never get sick of repeating individual levels.  Like the most recent Sniper Elites!!

Without Quicksave every level is a grind which I just want to be done with.  After several tries repeating multiple waves of enemies, gathering traps and health etc etc I never want to see it again.  I can't even quit for the day without losing all my progress.

Why do you think that being forced to repeat levels over and over is fun?  Can't you imagine that a large number of people DON'T think it's fun?  Such a beautifully produced game and you kneecap it like this...

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