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Inability to Purchase Copies of ZOMBIE ARMY 4: DEAD WAR for friends...

Posted 8 months ago


 I'm baffled by the inability to purchase copies of ZA: Dead War for friends... and I'm certainly not alone in this. I've talked to several people who'd have liked to have this option and even with Epic Games directly with my concerns...

I have to wonder just how much revenue you (Rebellion) have missed out on due to their (Epic Games) failure to implement such a simple feature.

Posted 6 months ago

 Are your friends located overseas?  Steam doesn't allow me to purchase the game for a friend in Spain, but I am able to purchase a Steam Gift Card and send this to her.  So this is linked to the currency conversion thing and I do not know if it is restricted by Steam of the Developers/Publishers. In any event, there is a workaround...

I often wondered why Rebellion doesn't offer a multipack purchase.  Honestly, very few companies allow this. I know the Killing Floor game allowed it, but I haven't run into many others that do.

In my opinion, I know enough about the Epic Regime to stay the heck away from it. Research it and maybe you too will understand. 

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