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If persisting with the "Ashura" game engine, some stuff that Rebellion should address with the ZA/SE games

Posted 9 months ago

 The following is a list of suggestions for additions, tweaks and progressive improvements that the Zombie Army and Sniper Elite games need, in order to keep them fresh and relevant, and not just treading over old ground with slightly shiner jackboots:


- no between-rounds countdown timer option (can be unlockable and/or toggle "Achievements" as a penalty and/or "Private"  lobbies / offline only option)

- starting location choice as part of game set-up

- in-game map

- weapons loadout choice (as has been present in past games)

- a wider character roster, in lieu of "skins" etc. (far more  replay-incentivising than mere skins and/or worthless trinkets)

- character "class" distinctions -- e.g., "engineer" can carry more mines; "medic", more healing items; "soldier", ammo caissons etc.

- removal of "invisible wall" boundaries, for logical obstructions (high walls / fences; ravines; mountains) 

- toggle for combustible prop glow

- toggle for remaining enemy count 


- allow for more doors to be interacted with (given they are now interactive)

- props relocation (for creating obstructions and defilades)

- all open windows enterable; glass windows, breakable

- climbing: all logically climbable walls and ledges (irrespective if they lead to anywhere or not); all shoulder-high props; up piping; over fences and reasonably high walls; "zipping" along wires / lines / ropes

- swimming

- generally, allow maps to be fully explorable, and instead of restricting thus, allow enemies to access any areas that the players can


- resting snipers rifles on ledges; tripod add-on / perk

- jumping action (can be tied to a run-up, a la the 'Souls' games) 

- evasion action (roll, dodge, back-step etc. -- can be char. / class contingent)

- a middling level of "sniper cam": 50% slow-mo + instant snap to target

- "sniper cam" option for iron sights / non-scoped head-shots, and for all weapons types


- wider, less linear map layout (simply, make the maps realistically traversable, and "balance" difficult by enemy spawning logic)

- subterranean access (hidey-holes, burrows, cellars, caves)


- instead of enemy attacks extending beyond their animation range, increase attack speed and/or lethality relative to range

- increased heart rate effects on aiming (can interplay with performance: the more kills the player achieves during gameplay, the lower the heart rate / the faster the recovery -- representing composure)

- more "oomph" to melee attacks (less "wiffy")


- dynamic weather

- animations: door interactions; item pick-ups (can be optional)

- real-time day-night cycling

- fully customisable HUD elements


Posted 9 months ago


- evolve the ZA game franchise into a TOWER DEFENCE game genre: implement building system, and allow players to create their defences within maps, using locale logical props and towers (think: Fortnite, Orcs Must Die; Dungeon Defenders; Fortified) -- said genre is rather untapped, when it comes to full third-person, real-time action gameplay (most TD games are of the stale, static "plant towers and watch" variety)

- morph the SE game franchise into open-world style, co-op war games: create contiguous maps (loading between regions, if necessary), specific to theatres of World War II (or whichever era serves as subtext) as distinct from mission-based, node-to-node gameplay; give players character choice, based on classes, ans skill progression therewith; drop-in / -out co-op

- provide LAN (or split-screen) functionality for the games -- co-op-centric games need all the co-operative functionality possible

The game engine still seems to have some life in it...  However, if innovation is not focused to those areas that matter, then no amount of superficial visual fidelity improvements will save the ZA / SE franchises from falling into obscurity.  I'd also like to see the Strange Brigade franchise persisted with: its themes are appealing and rather unique ("British Indiana Jones"), and it's a nice departure from WW2 / war settings (...Just ensure that you add an aristocratic female to the roster this time -- in full bustle, who wields a parasol as a weapon--which she uses as her melee attack to hit enemies in the crotch with!).

NB: Sequestering the the latest game to the Epic software graveyard, and for so long (12+ months?... indefinitely?), was a strange move... Or, rather, a ¢yni¢al one.  I did not even know about this game until recently, and any associated "hype" has long entered its rigor mortis stage...

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