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Will There Be More DLC After Deeper Than Hell?

Posted 1 year ago

 I know it was announced as the end of the DLC story but do you think more will be coming?

Posted 1 year ago

 Well, if you look at the title of the first money grab scheme, it reads "Season Pass One", so yeah, I'd imagine another cash grab is on it's way.

Luckily for me, I am making m$ pay for it. I redeemed my rewards points to get the season pass and will do so again, UNLESS Rebellion knocks this shite off and charges MINIMAL, as in maybe $10 for the season pass. Then I can see supporting them with MY money for DLC. But NOT the price of a full game.

Posted 9 months ago

 The Rebellion pattern of "on-going support" (based on their history) is as follows:

  •  release product with entrained "DLC" promised
  •  release one or two tranches of DLC, soon after game launch (i.e., the "DLC" = content stripped from the base game -- likely brain farts that could not fit into the main game)
  •  thus, the pricing model of their "Deluxe" (complete) games, hover around high triple-A range (e.g., base game US$60 + $40 "DLC")
  •  move on to next project -- offering little to no on-going support (*I had issues with Strange Brigade not running on Windows-7 at the time, and I never got any satisfaction, in terms of running the game... until I upgraded to Win-10 and the game began working)

In the case of ZA4, they released a quick cash-grab prior -- the SE:V2 "remake" -- and then ZA4 immediately thereafter.  The reason the latter game has dragged out for longer, seems purely a product of the pandemic hysteria that was causing delays (I read as much in one of Rebellion's announcements).

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