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Finished game thoughts and suggestions. For this title or future titles.

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 Pre Ramble:

My suggestions for this game or future sniper elite, or Zombie army. I just bought and completed  ZA4 and looked back on my previous recommendations. I still think that some of the ideas from my previous suggestions would enhance the game experience. So most of this is a repeat with one or two new ideas. 


I would really like to see this return. I miss running from hoards and going prone and doing accurate shots with scope and with cross hair ironsights. 

Realism Mode (make the game closer to SE4) these ideas could be used for the next sniper elite title.

A mode which disables the sci fi upgrades and forces players to use basic starting weapons (like zombie army trilogy) no out of the ordinary mods. Camo skins can be permitted. All SMGs and assault rifles will have selector switch to change rate of fire via a click of the button. Explosive rounds or armor piercing rounds are the only modifications regarding ammo. Have a system similar to SE4 where you select ammo type. Historically accurate bayonets could be provided and a rifle grenade mod possible. For rifles that used rifle grenades. 

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 Part 2 of my post

Supernatural gifts and holy weapons ( zombies only)

Rosary – if equipped it increases healing and protects forms evil attacks.

Holy oil- burns enemies

Blessed salt- creates line which zombies can not cross, or die if they cross.

Sword of saint Michael – offensive weapon against enemies kills all enemies quickly including heavies.

Swords of st. George st joan of arc – offensive weapon which is strong against low to medium opponents takes work to kill heavies. 

Holy lance same use as sword of st. Michael. 

Holy water restores health and burns enemies. 

Iron sights first person (sniper elite & zombie army future titles)

A ability to pull the scope off the rifles and use a first person view of the iron sights. I find myself rarely using the scopes. Keep the ranging system that exist for scopes, meaning you raise the elevation on your iron sights. First person ironsight view will allow the player to take more time and accurate shots but he loses temporarily the view of 3rd person awareness. 

New skin for werner (zombies & sniper elite- axis soldier skin)

Please see photo below. This would be a cool skin for werner to use maybe add camo zeltbahn or sniper camo tan and water smock. His equipment could be a basic rifleman skin. Which includes: k98k pouches, ystraps, bread bag, canteen , mess kit, zeltbahn tent rolled up on the back of his belt, gas mask can, entrenching tool and bayonet. His helmet can be camouflaged with natural camo or helmet cover or sniper helmet net.  Call it jager skin. 

I have posted the links for the photos below each example I intend to portray. I hope they work. 

Werner Jager skin option one, with basic field gray but complete web gear and camo helmet. 

Werner jager skin version two with zeltbahn cover

Werner sniper with sniper smock skin

 Rifleman Web gear set up what his web gear should look like. This set up of the gear was used by all branches of the german army but most common with panzer grenadier soldats. Please refer to photo below. Look at the guys gear who's back is turned so you can see his gear on his back. 

Here is a few more examples of the web gear arrangement in real ww2 photos. 


Well that's it for me. Just a few recommendations for ZA4 or future SE titles. Thanks. 

Posted 3 months ago

 Don't see the photos so I have decided to post ulr links to my images. Copy paste and have a look. 

Basic field gray with natural camo and correct rifleman web load out.

Werner skin zeltbahn

Werner Sniper Smock

Rifleman Web gear set up and ww2 photos of.

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