Zombie Army



Unable to find online games and my region is set.

Posted 1 year ago

 It seems like nobody is online anymore on PC. I have found all of 2 games the last 5 times I played and none are for DLC 3 which is what I am looking for help with.

Posted 9 months ago

 Rebellion games are rather "niche" -- you won't get Call of Doody numbers from their release (ever).

As such, I'd always look to get their games as a group (or as a "pack"... if those deals still exist), or with a regular co-op partner / friend.  That way, you can expect more longevity -- especially in the context of the co-op-centricity of their titles, dovetailed with the conspicuous lack of any LAN or local co-op functionality options (online being the only way in which to experience the games' core co-op functionality).

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