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Shotgun Pistol Mastery challenge bugged?

Posted 1 month ago

 So I played the new level and got all the new stuff and i thought i would try to master the pistol shotty before i do the Luger. I got all challenges done and got to the mastery challenge for the shotty pistol which is dismember 100 limbs while getting a kill every 4 seconds I believe. It was tracking when I first started doing the challenge and then I went to the begginging of Hell Base and put it on 4 player enemy spawns. I thought I had gotten the mastery completed on one run because I saw the tracking get higher and higher but then the notification didn't pop and it shows the challenge isn't completed. I thought that I may have just missed the timing on a kill but now when I do it and I know I'm blowing enemies apart the way I was before it no longer shows the tracking bar...ever. I think that I actually did the challenge but it bugged out on me and it I never got the reward when i was supposed to. It no longer tracks when i so what it says to do on the

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