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23rd March 2021

  • Added China region to the matchmaking screen to improve online connectivity & stability for players in that region

12th March 2021

  • Steam - resolved issue with Steam Cloud sync not functioning correctly


26th February 2021

  • Steam - resolved issue with achievement "People don't change. We go round in circles"


3rd February 2021

  • Resolved issue with Platinum skin not unlocking with mastery of the Springfield


22nd February 2021

  • Steam - resolved issue with DLC items not being available to purchase in-game


Posted 1 year ago

 13th February 2020 ZA4 Hotfix

All platforms

  • Fixed first 3 chapters of Meat Locker being automatically skipped.
  • Fixed incorrect text being shown on the upgrade requirement for the M1895 Repeater.
  • Fixed medikit and ammo not being given when stomping on the dead.
  • Fixed Elites requiring additional stomps in order to destroy.
  • Fixed the photo mode shortcut not working.
  • Fixed the double tap achievement not being triggered.


  • Removed voice chat shortcuts.



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 10th March 2020 ZA4 Patch

All platforms

  • Air Guitar emote will be awarded for completing the ‘Brain Harvest’ Weekly Event. (There is no need to complete the event a second time.)
  • Fixed an issue where XP was not showing correctly on the Results Screen (this was always calculating correctly under the hood, but in some cases too much was shown on the results screen)
  • Flamethrower kills now contribute correctly to the ‘Heavy Weapons’ Sticker.
  • Miscellaneous small bugfixes and improvements.

Weapon balancing

M30 Drilling and Trench Gun

  • Less critical hit chance.
  • Slightly increased recoil and spread.


  • A small overall damage buff.
  • Slightly increased bullet penetration.
  • Final damage upgrade improved slightly.


  • A small overall damage buff.
  • Slightly increased chance to bullet penetration, critical hit and muzzle velocity.
  • Slightly reduced recoil and spread.



Posted 9 months ago

Zombie Army 4: Dead War Patch 1.09 (23rd June 2020)

  • Support for new Weekly Events (including rewards). Zombie Army 4: Dead War Patch 1.09
  • Support for new DLC: Deeper Than Hell (Mission), French Resistance Fighter (Character), Zombie Paratrooper (character) Luger Pistol Bundle, Shotgun Pistol Bundle, Wrapping Paper Weapon Skins
  • Support for new Weekly Events (including rewards).
  • Fix for the 'Hoarder' achievement not unlocking.
  • Keyboard bindings are no longer silently reset if you leave the configuration menu without assigning all the functions to a key.
  • Score display on HUD now updates in real-time even before the Multiplier has expired.
  • Fix for the 'kill 10 zombies with electric tripwire' sticker not unlocking
  • Various small bug fixes and improvements

New brutal difficulty

  • Available after completion of the main game. Changes compared to 'Hard' include:
  • Increased damage to the player
  • No automatic heal segment
  • Enemies are more accurate and have more health/armour
  • Enemies are more likely to resurrect (stomp on their heads to make them stay 'dead')
  • Friendly fire damage is increased
  • Greatly reduced HUD
  • Medkits are required to revive other players
  • Few items are dropped by enemies and found in crates

Epic specific changes

  • Players have experienced disconnections from network games. The specific error message was:  ‘You were signed out of Epic, online features are not available. Please sign back into Epic and restart the game.
  • Added support for Epic's social overlay, including the ability to invite friends via the Lobby.

Stadia specific changes

  • Fix for stuttering audio
  • Added the 'game exit' button on Stadia

Please consider the following before sending a support ticket:

  • Your may need to update the base game in order to access new content.
  • You may also need to restart your system fully before an update can take place.
  • In the case of PS4, you may need to rebuild your database. A cache verification in the case for Epic/PC.
  • Occasionally you may have to manually reinstall content via Data Management (PS4) or Game Management (XB1).
  • Try going to the relevant store pages to check your content has been redeemed.
  • Make sure you are fully aware of what is included in the Season Pass. The Season Pass is released in stages rather than all at once. Please check our content roadmap.
  • If you are unsure where your content is located please ask our support team. We will be happy to assist.



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 Zombie Army 4: Dead War Patch - 4th August 2020

Take down the hordes in style with a new outfit for Jun, a Crossbow Rifle Bundle, Carbon Weapon Skins and a Flags Charm Pack! Available today!

  • Added support for: Carbon Weapon Skins, Lone Wolf Jun Outfit, Crossbow Rifle Bundle, Flags Charms Weapons Pack
  • Added support for new weekly events


Bug Fixes

  • Resolved an issue that would cause the heavy weapons to have different amounts of ammo after being dropped.
  • Resolved an issue that would occasionally make audio cut out.
  • Removed various progress blockers.
  • Resolved player randomly dying on Deeper than Hell mission.
  • Resolved the 'Let's get out of here' tank challenge not unlocking.




  • These will unlock retrospectively upon loading the game for the first time after the patch has been installed



  • These are viewable through the Epic overlay via the records page. Shift + F3 then click the achievements tab.
  • The top 2000 scores are recorded.

Visit the blog for up-to-date news!



Posted 4 months ago

Patch 8th December 2020

  • Crash fixes
  • General UI updates
  • Many quality of life fixes.
  • Fixed DLC challenge on Terror Lab.
  • Fixed Lee Enfield not counting Creeper kills correctly.
  • New Achievements added.

Hotfix 17th December 2020

Bug fixes

  • No longer missing sound effects when using Boris Berserker.
  • Reload sound no longer absent from the Sten MK2.
  • Resolved the Sten MK2 Mastery resetting when it shouldn’t.
  • Enemies no longer disappear when using sticky grenades.
  • Equipping attachments to the Trench Gun no longer stops you from firing the weapon.
  • Resolved crash when starting Damnation Valley (XB1 only)
  • Damnation Valley and Alpine Blitz no longer has missing audio in the cutscenes (PS4 only)



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 Hotfix 18th December 2020

  • Resolved progression blocker on Damnation Valley



Posted 2 months ago

 Patch 19th January 2021

  • Added support for DLC Season 2 Part 3


  • Resolved Suicider explosion kills not registering on Molten Nightmare level. 
  • Resolved an issue that forced only quick cams on certain settings. 
  • Various small bug fixes and improvements.



Posted 2 months ago

Hotfix 25th January 2021


  • Fixed progression blocker during Chapter 2 of the Rotten Coast 
  • Fixed missing textures for the harpoons on Death Canal



Posted 2 months ago

11th February 2021

Added support for DLC Season 2 Part 4


  • Reticle failing to appear when marking enemies using the brain buster ability with the Polizeipistole
  • Progress block on Hellbase when sabotaging the pressure valves
  • frame drops when viewing certain weapons skins in the weapon setup screen

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