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ZAT Is not loading up.

Posted 5 years ago

So i bought the game Yesterday to play with some friends on Steam, but after i installed it and ran it it took me to the launcher.
I hit play without editing anything in the options so i guess it was set to it's default settings.
So when i hit play my process starts up in my task manager, i see it trying to run, then it just vanishes.
I just spent 40$ for this game and have yet to even play it yet!
I let it through my firewall and i do not have any Anti-virus's on.

Posted 5 years ago

Hey Syricz,
Could you contact us directly at with a dxdiag attached so we can look into this further?
Running Direct X Diagnostic Tool (DxDiag)
1. Click the Start menu and in the 'Search Programs and Files' or 'Run' field type 'dxdiag', then hit the enter key.
2. This will start the diagnostic tool and it will scan your PC. When it finishes click the button which says 'Save All Information...' and save the text file to a location on your desktop.
3. Attach the file to an email and send it to us.

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