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What movies you like in SNIPERS?

Posted 6 years ago

"BATTLE OF SEVASTOPOL", I remembered a female Russian Sniper gotten the German attention that she very dangerous. Excel in her profession. History.
The other movie I saw this year was "THE AMERICAN SNIPER", which is very good!
I also like "THE ENEMY AT THE GATE"! That was insane, Russian sending their troop in the open field getting slaughter everywhere.
Any movies you know about SNIPERS?

Posted 6 years ago

I know the following movies: "Shooter" with Marc Wahlberg, than we have the korean movie "The Sniper" from 2009 and the movie "Sniper" from 1993 with Tom Berenger.
Before i forgot, in the movie "Behind Enemy Lines" is a sniper who hunts Owen Wilson i think.
Enemy at the Gates is a real good movie, but i don't understand the hype about American Sniper, i have seen it at the cinema. The movie was ok, but this is not a movie, i will buy on dvd or blu ray.

Posted 6 years ago

Other than the movies already mentioned
Saving Private Ryan had some good sniper scenes

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