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I Made a Video comparing Nazi Zombie Army and Zombie Army Trilogy

Posted 5 years ago

The video goes through some issues between the two games such as shotgun effectiveness, skeletons, flaming zombies and general atmosphere. These issues are not just my own observations, the many users on the Steam forums have been asking for clarity from Rebellion. Understand it is intended for feedback, as we hope the developers see this and shed some light on the issues.
Otherwise, you players feel free to comment on this and suggest other issues you feel could use some love.

Posted 5 years ago

I haven't played the originals.
haven't played a pc game in some years now For that matter.
But from the videos it seems there was twice as many skeletons and fire zombies in ZAT than the original.with that said the fire zombies are weak in ZAT..kinda found that weird reguardless.
I'm sure the skeletons seem week..but if there is twice as many..should balance out..but they could be tougher...I guess.
as far as the color pallet it's apples and oranges.
I liked the river looking more real.than blood looking...not that the blood isn't cool..but it gives more of a realistic environment...everyone will have an opinion on that.
The shot guns ..again..if there's twice as many coming at ya than in the originals it should kinda balance out...
if there is not a change on horde numbers between the two game versions...then that would change my thoughts...
Great Game nonetheless..I have really enjoyed playing it
I'm not some elite gamer..casual if you will
I think the difficulty level is higher than any other game I have played as of late...
I mean horde mode ...they just keep coming!
it's almost total chaos at times!

Posted 5 years ago

I like your video! I would like to see a night-time town. & day-time town without red or green...environment like Sniper Elite 3!

Posted 5 years ago

The footage from ZAT was done on Sniper Elite difficulty (I was working toward an achievement at the time) although I'm not sure if that has any effect on numbers.

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