Zombie Army



Achievement Hunting PSN MaccacoFace

Posted 6 years ago

Played and loved Sniper Elite 3. Never played any of the zombie army games before, so glad they are on console now.
Currently grinding through the campaign and looking for collectables (With the help of youtube of course) and having a blast playing solo. Wouldn't mind some other adult gamers that like to communicate and bullshit over mics to join in.
Currently on spring break and have some time now but i'm at best a sporadic video game player mainly because i'm trying to get into med school but I still love my games. I usually play at night for a few hours (Eastern US time) and jam all weekend if i don't have a mountain of homework to do. yeah so hit me up PSN ID: MaccacoFace people call me "Mac" or Alex. I am absolutely adoring this game and also have dying light/ Battlefield 4/ and others.
Lets Kill some Zombies!

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