Zombie Army



Requesting two things...!

Posted 2 years ago

  love me some ZAT but theres two things that ZAT needs to really be awesome.

1. This one is simple. Could we please get an option/button combo to turn the hud off? I love to take screenshots but having the hud in the way is very annoying. Please allow us to turn the hud off.

2. Okay I might be asking a lot here but this is important to me, maybe others too. I played through ZAT on PS4 in 3D and loved every second of it, I'm now playing ZAT on my gaming laptop in 3D using Tridef3D but it ain't perfect. I can't use the AMD 3D option that is in the game because I have a Nvidia card and I can't use Nvidia 3D vision/Helixmod because my laptop uses Optimus tech which 100% has no work around so I have to use Tridef3D. Please for the Love of ZAT take a look at the Trine series of games and see how Frozenbyte have included nurmerous options to enable stereoscopic 3D, it works beautifully for someone like me who cannot use either graphics card manufacturers 3D solutions.

Thanks Rebellion for creating ZAT and AvP2000!




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