Zombie Army



Random PC Crash - Blue/Green/White Screen!!

Posted 2 years ago

 Hey all. First off I'd like to say sorry if I posted on the wrong topic thread. Anyways... I purchased for myself Zombie Army Trilogy on Steam. And I thought it was a great game until these random, annoying PC crashes start happening every time I play this game. No other game. Just Zombie Army Trilogy... So I will be playing and stuff, and out of no where I will hear a weird buzzing sound followed by everything freezing and then my screen goes straight to one solid color. It's either blue, green or white. I have to restart my PC every single time it's so annoying. I don't think it has anything to do with my PC considering I purchased it 2 months ago. I get 100-120 FPS on Arma 3. I don't understand why I can't run this game with my PC crashing. I didn't waste $44.99 just to have my PC crash every single time.

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