Zombie Army



What music are you listening while playing ZAT (Zombie Army Trilogy)?

Posted 6 years ago

I'm listening to METALLICA "ONE" & "UNFORGIVEN" to rock 'n game! What's are you listening to music while playing this game? I'm curious ;)

Posted 6 years ago

Really digin the soundtrack of the really is top knotch.
but I will throw on some Deicide or Cannibal Corpse at some point and for some easy listening music maybe some lamb of god or killer be killed
and for some straight up atmosphere
Oh yeah

Posted 6 years ago

Cool, I'm listening to NIRVANA (Smells Like Teen Spirit). THE CRANBERRIES (Zombie). +44 (When Your Heart Stops Beating). SUM 41 (Fat Lip). LIVING COLOUR (Cult Of Personality) & THE CULT (Fire Woman). I'll check those music soon on YOUTUBE ;)

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