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Bullet Time® Slow-mo Effect For Explosive Kills

Posted 6 years ago

Is it possible / within the scope of the game engine to add the slow motion and panning effects, that currently exist for the scoped sniper kills, for some explosive kills? That is, if a grenade it throw at the pack of enemies (or other noteworthy manner) and results in numerous simultaneous kills, could this be viewed in the signature slow motion, rotating camera manner (sans the X-ray view, obviously) synonymous with this franchise of game?
I think this would look great and incentivise prudent grenade use. It could also serve to mitigate any slow-down / frame rate drop during such heavy particle effect events (*the latter being a lay assumption). I actually find myself hoping the game does slow down during such scenarios, as witnessing the carnage in a slowed down, more cinematic way is far more visually satisfying than just 'boom! > splat!' effect it is in real time. This would also serve to really show of the new gib / gore engine too.
So, would it be possible to achieve these slow motion and camera panning effects for explosive kills and, perhaps, even non sniper firearm kills?


Posted 6 years ago

This sounds cool. Noted. :)

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