Zombie Army



I need opinions from people who've played Zombie Army Trilogy AND games from the Sniper Elite series.

Posted 3 years ago

 The Sniper Elite and Zombie Army Trilogy subreddits have next to no participation so I chose to post here instead.

Sniper Elite is a long running series that I've never played a single game from and I've been curious about it for a long time. I also really like playing zombie games. As an example, I chose Undead Nightmare over the main Red Dead game so I'd have no problems skipping a main game in favor of the zombie version.

Are the main Sniper Elite games in any way connected?

Is there an actual story to the campaign or is it just pointless sniping?

What's the best game in the series to start with? Keep in mind I recently bought Wolfenstein: The New Order because from what I understand, it's a reboot of the series so I went with that one first over the older games.

Do any of the main games come with a zombie campaign and if so, what would be the best main game to start with that also has the best zombie campaign?

Does Zombie Army Trilogy have a story to the campaigns of each game or are all of them just horde shooters?

I'd be playing them on console, not PC, and I have all console versions from Sony and Microsoft.

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