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Trials of the Nine Team

Posted 1 year ago

 Hi folks,

I recently got to try trials with Woodman, otarsven and ryanrocks103, and had a blast (Woodman initiated it - thank you)! It reminded me of playing in Call of Duty tournaments from a while back.

It was hard, but we won a couple of games and soon got addicting. We were very chill about losing, and I enjoyed playing trials casually. We tried hard, but still kept things casual. This was fun!

Based on this experience, I'd like to form a trials team of 6 people (so we have 2 extras) to play trials regularly with.

Trials is one of those things where playing with the same people gets you into a groove and you start to work well with your teammates. Skill is not a requirement (but as always, a chill/casual attitude is).

If you're interested in joining, please let me know (here in a comment or on discord).


Posted 7 months ago

 Watch some twitch streams. Trials players move really fast. Their teammates spread out over the map, to control key positions from multiple angles. And they are usually predicting opponents movement and aiming at an opponents location before they appear.

It's pretty cool how good people can get.

Posted 4 months ago

 My friends and me have a bronze elo according to destinytracker. Yeah, I suck! So getting paired with Platinum or Diamond players with 1500+ more elo than us, with average KDA's of 4 or 5 seems a bit unfair to be honest. Getting completely destroyed isn't the same as losing a match, and it does make the Trials experience for new people a nightmare. Is the low amount of people playing Trials related with the state of the game and the sandbox? Probably. But also because Trials fails to deliver an interesting experience or progression for people who actually want to learn how to Trials, delivering nothing for a loss and an abuising matchmaking.

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