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"This is my rifle..."

Posted 4 years ago

There are total of 9 rifles.
1) SPRINGFIELD M1903 "Standard issue American rifle." +5 Rounds
2) GEWEHR G43 "This German rifle has the highest rate of fire available." +7 Rounds
3) MOSIN NAGANT "A potent, Russian rifle." +5 Rounds
4) KARABINER KAR 98k "The German Kar 98 has the highest zoom of any of the available rifles." +5 Rounds
5) SVT-40 "A popular semi-automatic rifle on the Eastern front, the Russian SVT40 boasts a 10 round clip & a high rate of fire." +10 Rounds
6) LEE Enfield Mk. III "The main rifle of the British armed forces." +10 Rounds
7) M1 CARBINE "Widely used throughout the U.S. military, the M1 Carbine has an improved rate of fire & holds 15 rounds." +15 Rounds
8) M1D GARAND "A variant of the standard U.S. Garand rifle, the M1D features an 8 round semi-automatic clip feed system." +8 Rounds
9) T-99 "The bolt action Japanese Type-99 sports only 5 rounds per clip, but features a high muzzle velocity & a high level of zoom." +5 Rounds
My favorite rifle is M1 CARBINE with 15 rounds a don't have to reload much as a 5 rounds clip does...that is 3 times of reloading compare to 1 clip of 15 rounds. So many ZOMBIES, I'll take the M1 CARBINE. I like to see more sniper rifles. Like beaten the game, we can use TODAY SNIPER RIFLES ;) Anyway, what's your favorite rifle & why?

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