Zombie Army



Waves of Despair/SMG Ammo Crate Know Where to be Found?

Posted 5 years ago

Can't find it anywhere.

Posted 5 years ago

I have had trouble finding ammo crates as well which is why i suggested that they but icons over them that show up within a certain distance. Its really annoying that you have to worry about the zombies but then you also have to worry about where the ammo is lol

Posted 5 years ago

You should nearly finish the first round then save one last zombie and go around and look for it im sure you will find it

Posted 5 years ago

they should adds map to ammo-crate, once found it. The ammo crate now appears every team-mate :) Less of a hassel to find it. Map, fog over the map, now clear after you go to that area...also, team-mate can help mark ammo-crate & Safe Room on the map. With map is best to have in ZAT. Also, have an option to turn off map & with map...with compass N-S-E-W outside of the map. That will help greatly....

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