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Map Editor

Posted 5 years ago

I would love to see a map editor DLC or some update in the game. Make it cool like where we can build our maps and zombie spawn points. Then add some features like other Russian/German survivors AI's who can fight with us. Make a little Survivor civilization then when done start off the test where you can make your own alternate episodes like Episode like Episode Four: Hitler Rises Again. LOL!!! It would be very cool and awesome, so if you guys would do this would be highly appreciated. Thanks if read!!!

Posted 5 years ago

The idea of creating your own levels and stuff is amazing. I would love a player vs player multiplayer will a map maker lol. This idea could tie into that a little.
I think making your own levels, being able to the zombie spawn, change waves to what types of zombies you desire and more would be so epic! Great idea man.

Posted 5 years ago

Thanks Bro. To add on your great idea would be sweet if they had a PVP like Sniper Elite, but in the middle of the two teams battling they could throw some zombies hordes in the middle kind of like call of duty did in Black Ops 2 your not with each other but it might be cool to work with the other team to take down hordes then backstab the other team just a cool little Idea I also had for this game. There endless possible abilities they could do. I would love the map editor and pvp lets hope Rebellion reads and takes this valuable info to head and does something like this.


Posted 5 years ago

Hey guys, thank you for showing the interest.
I am not sure we will have an editor any time soon. I will make sure the devs know how much it is wanted though.

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