Zombie Army



Beat the game/Thought there was a lot of Satanic stuff in the game though.

Posted 5 years ago

Great Game and the conclusion to the third part was fantastic!!! I felt you guys should do more, but felt a lot of it felt with the Devil and Satanic stuff then Zombies, but that's my opinion still a good game.

Posted 5 years ago

Well..Hitler was a eugenics asshat.
so he believed in the occult.satanism and the death of millions to make a master race.
and in the Nuremberg trials it came out (along with alot of crazy shit)that he was planning on actually making zombie (mind controlled) army
Game is spot on

Posted 5 years ago

Thanks for telling me this info and it makes more sense. Thank you didn't know that at all well, then there is another thing Rebellion did great alternate history.

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