Zombie Army



Achievement Trouble

Posted 4 years ago

so i have been completing the third game in the trilogy. and so far none of the level achievements have unlocked. and now, no achievements will unlock. including the 10 for 1 explosive kill, which ive gotten multiple times. and the beat chapters with all the characters achievement. basically it seems the achievements can easily break for me. anyway to fix this?

Posted 4 years ago

There are a few that won't pop for me; Resurrect This, Scourge of Zombie-kind, and You've got Red on You. None of them are popping on Xbox 1 no matter how many times i do it. I have gotten 100 combo and still nothing.

Posted 4 years ago

The blood bottle one didnt pop for me

Posted 3 years ago

You mentioned an issue with achievements. So what about the gold bar one how do you get the update. I have tried everything this is my last resort

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