Zombie Army



Survive the siege bug

Posted 2 years ago

 Hello, yesterday my friend and I were playing ZAT level Beyond Berlin - Forest of Corpses and got stuck at the cable car station. After surviving the siege and killing all of the zombie we could not advance. We spent over an hour searching the map for a zombie we missed, nothing. There may have been one beyond the fence or in the fog or somewhere out of reach. Point is this has happened twice to us and to many others on line (just google it). An update to fix this would be great! A possible patch would be to label the last zombie with a little white skull like in horde mode (able to turn on/off in options). Or a more advanced A.I. which gives the zombie a time limit for being in one place for too long (it moves or it is eliminated). Other than this horrible bug, it's been a great game! Hope you make a sequel!

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