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No 3D mode for Xbox One? 3D mode is an option in the PS4 version.

Posted 6 years ago

I got the ps4 version ZAT on Wednesday and was blown away by the 3D in the game. I just bought the game for Xbox One and I don't see the 3D feature in the menu. Is 3D being added to the xbox one version later or is the xbox one version a sub-par version to the ps4? The 3D is really awesome on the ps4 and since I have friends on both consoles I would love to play the game in 3D on the Xbox One as well. What is up with leaving the 3D out of the xbox one version? FYI- I love both consoles so this isn't a "one console better than the other" post. Just wish my buds on xbox one could experience the awesome 3D mode.

Posted 6 years ago

Would love it if someone from Rebellion can explain why PS4 has 3D mode but yet Xbox One has no such mode. Just wondering if it's a PS4 exclusive or a limitation of the Xbox One. I paid the same price for both versions (even though I was suppose to get 20% discount for being an Xbox Live member for 10 years now- but that didn't happen).
Any response from Rebellion would be appreciated. I love the game. Love the game on both consoles but for me the 3D mode is outstanding and would love to enjoy it on the Xbox One as well.


Posted 6 years ago

Hey, as of the moment XboxOne does not support 3d within games.

Posted 6 years ago

Thanks so much for the reply. I wasn't aware the Xbox One did not support 3D gaming at this time. Something Microsoft does not mention I guess.

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