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Posted 6 years ago

I got the first two games on their release dates on Steam, so I have been a fan since the beginning. Anyways, I bought both the PC and Xbone version of NZAT, that way I could play with all of my friends, regardless of where they game. I played the PC version for the past week, and when I finally played the Xbone version, I can't help but feel scammed. The PC version is cheaper, while also having twice as many characters, and not to mention, it has the ELITE spawn setting for ridiculous amounts of zombies. The elite spawn setting is a ridiculously amazing feature, one that I feel, completes the game. Why, oh WHY was this left out of the Xbone version and why can I not find anyone saying this on the Internet. I can't help but feel ripped off because this feature is a MUST HAVE. I payed nearly double the price on Xbon, yet I received less features. Don't tell me that the xbone can't run it either because my PC from 07 can run it on max. PLEASE ADD THIS FEATURE to consoles...