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Posted 3 years ago

Hey there!
I know the topic couch coop was much discussed in the past but I really hope that it is possible to add splitscreen in future updates even if the engine isn't capable of it yet (at least if the engine is an issue at all).
I think if any game ever needed splitscreen its ZAT. I Would love blasting Undead Nazis together with my Girlfriend on PS4 at the comfort of my couch. :)
Great Work with the forum!
Same here, i am searching for games, which i can play together with my girlfriend, pretty much all the time. when i've seen ZAT the first time, i was all like "damn, i NEED that game!!!11". but after reading, that only online coop is possible it fell off my list :/ it is a shame, that most modern games get released without a couch coop...
anyhow: please add the local coop mode :) even with lower resolution or less FPS