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Posted 4 weeks ago

 I stand corrected.

It does happen on San Celini Island, so I presume it happens on all maps, and it does happen for pistols. It also happens for Stealth Kills.

So - I'd say it's a general bug where all forms of suppression just stop working, or the sensitivity of the AIs goes to max for some reason.

I think Generator sound-masking still works, though. I haven't totally checked.

Also it seems to be happening consistently now, so it's looking like a case of 'bit rot'. Not sure how to fix this on XBox as it's amost impossible to get a completely clean install of anything, particularly with the automatic online storage aspect.

Hope there is a workaround or a fix. Cheers.

Posted 1 month ago

 Apologies for the double post. I didn't realise this web app duplicates on Edit.

Posted 1 month ago - edited 1 month ago by CrawlingWhenAbsent

 Hello, I'm new.

Rebellion - thanks for SE4, I haven't had so much shooter fun in ages. It is a masterpiece, and the maps are just beautiful.

Now, the problem.

I am playing in Authentic Plus difficulty, and:

The Suppressed Ammunition just 'stops working' on a new game sometimes.

By which I mean, if you fire it it can be heard quite some distance away.

I don't mean heard over a few metres, as the Genuine Attachments setting makes happen.

I mean it is heard a long way away, and all the AIs start immediately reacting to the shot. Interestingly, it doesn't appear to be heard quite as far away as normal ammunition.

Then sometimes, I'll start a new game, and the suppressed ammo works fine.

By 'start a new game' I mean use Select Mission.

It is somehow attached to Save Games. If I bring back a save game with the bug, the bug comes back. If I bring back a save game with the suppressed ammo working normally, it continues to function normally.

I have observed this on maps:

Giovi Fiorini Mansion - where it is a particularly distressing bug, because it makes most of the first half of the map extremely difficult. Especially if you are going for the Death From Afar and Minimum Casualties awards simultaneously, which is (was!) my favourite thing to attempt on this map.

Abrunza Monastery - as soon as you start firing suppressed ammo at anything, even if the first guy is nowhere near you, all the AI react.

Regalino Viaduct - though I didn't notice it until I was some distance through the map. I presume it was happening right from the start.

I have not noticed it on San Celini Island, and I have not tested for it on any of the other maps.

Note: It does not affect Pistols - neither the Welrod, nor any normal pistol firing suppressed rounds (such as the Luger).

I have no idea if you are still patching SE4, but I do hope this is a solvable problem that somebody will get round to looking into.

It greatly affects the replayability of the game - I'm at the point now where playing some of the 'denser' maps, like Giovi Fiorini, where you have to be extra sneaky in Authentic Plus in order to survive, is too frustrating to be called fun. I just have to keep rolling the Select Mission dice and seeing if it starts without the suppression bug.

Best regards