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Posted 2 weeks ago

Ok for everyone with the electric trip mine sticker, I was able to fix my problem by swapping from mod B to mod A. Seems mod B doesn't work for the sticker. Not sure if an unmodded trip mine works, but I know mod A does.

Posted 2 weeks ago

 Yes the trip mine is glitched. I contacted Rebellion support and it will be fixed in an upcoming update

Posted 2 weeks ago

 Ok so turns out the electric trip mine is bugged. I sent Rebellion an email regarding it, and they said it will be fixed in a future patch. Problem resolved

Posted 2 months ago

Does anyone know what a water zombie is? I've been trying to get the electric trip mine sticker, but I can't figure out which zombies are water zombies. I tried electrocuting the spitters since they come from the water in the campaign. Nothing. I tried the other guys that come from the water as well. Nothing. Tried the water guys in horde mode. Nothing. Which guys are the wayer zombies?