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 you last known position

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  •  Coop: be able to drop items, ammo and healthpacks for your partner to pickup.
  • Coop: in easy difficulties if player1 is looking with the bino at an enemy, player2 should see the distance relative to player2´s position. Maybe a little too much handholding, but might be enjoyable for casual players.
  • Survival mode should have a bigger focus on stealth gameplay, or at least give the option to actually play more stealthy. In SE4 even on easy i fire one single suppressed shot across the map, while hiding in a bush and everyone on the other side of the map instantly know my position.
  • Lock-on feature for throwing rocks against lightbulbs (not available on Authentic Plus)
  • New enemy type: Flamethrower Trooper. Once you´re spotted this guy should be able to burn down bushes and set areas / corridors on fire to block certain routes for a while. Maybe add gloves and a gasmask for a more iconic look.

  • Crouch while dragging corpses away. Slower but more stealthy.
  • Crawl underneath vehicles.
  • Place satchel charges on vehicles without a need to kill the driver first (that doesnt make sense) The satchel charge should also stick on the vehicle while it´s still moving.
  • Does anyone actually read the collectible letters? I don´t think so tbh.
  • Instead of having a Hud or no Hud (or Bino tag icons or no Bino tag icons) you could show it for a few seconds and then fade out to invisible. If you change weapons or items it should reappear for a few seconds and then fade out again. I think this could work as a nice transition between harder difficulties.
  • No censored nazi symbolism
  • Thanks for adding the option to choose between localized- and original audio for non-english versions. Please add the option to choose between localized and english texts, too.
  • All MP characters should be available in the campaign. Needless to say that female characters need to have female voices ;)
  • The game needs to explain to the player how the wind and gravity mechanics work. The shooting range is not helpful at all. A simple picture could help. My one might not be helpful enough, i´m sure you can do a better one (see below)
  • You should always be able to improve your scores on completed challenges, unless you perfect it. Not just „completed“ and „not completed“ you know (see Mockups below)
  • Separate Radar / Hud (see Mockups below)
  • Separate adjustable Bino zoom / Scope zoom (see Mockups below)

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  • Dynamic weather (storm, rain, thunder, snow etc.)
  • Dynamic time of day
  • You should see the direction of wind on bushes, trees, flags etc. without a need to look through your scope.
  • No story cutscene interruptions during the mission, except it´s something like the reinforcements arriving in Deathstorm 3. For me personally it´s all about the great gameplay.
  • Get rid of the boring campaign story and give each mission their own little story instead.
  • No more pre-mission areas where you have annoying conversations with npcs about optional objectives. Just give me a skippable mission briefing (like a mix of Medal of Honor Airborne and Hitman maybe) and start the mission. You should also be able to rewatch the briefing during the mission from thr pause menu.
  • I´m personally not a big fan of the handdrawn intro sequences. I wouldn´t have anything against if those would be removed entirely.
  • Every mission should have multiple exits you need to reach.
  • No more linear intro ways on maps (like San Celini, Reglino Viaduct, Allagra Fortress)
  • I would like to see more variety with the mission locations. The team did a really great job on SE4, but don´t focus just on one country like italy. I would like to see a mix of all different kinds of locations across many countries.
  • What n1fighterpilot said about the hitler mission in argentina.