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Posted 2 years ago

I suggest to Explain this on:

This is the official way to help. Good luck.

Posted 2 years ago

 The best place to post problem is to use:

They will give you an answer. Here on forum I think is not as read as they must do.. I just post about the fail document on level 7. They say me that pass the problem to programmers and will be an update someday.

Posted 2 years ago

 This happen to me with level40...This is a crash that may be because if you go to load/save and the game is  doing in this moment an auto save...random crash the profile.

My home solution since this bad experience is to save my folder game always with copy to other place.(Go to:


And copy-backup all this for you. 

Only I have 1 crash, but I suggest have this buckup.

Posted 2 years ago

 Me too on PC.

Posted 2 years ago

 By default  if you have the item selected, you hold keyboard button "F".

Posted 2 years ago

 I no have had luck, I lost my profile (both save 0 and 1corrup). But I try this and work if i had the backup, so i can do backups and use this path. I will enjoy the game again and forget the lost level, thanks again for your help,  Dziobak.

Posted 2 years ago

I think I have seen something like bug playing multiplayer last weekend. Someone that  received bullets but no die...

One year lot o for people talk about "things to stop cheeters ".

I give again 3 ideas:

1) A REBELLION POSSIBLE SOLUCTION:That the game force to loging a Rebellion account for playing multiplayer. Then if someone do bad things and are reported, the Rebellion can block this user-account for this game for playing multiplayer for example. 

2)TRUST PLAYERS SOLUCTION: That we have a public trust players and play only private matches.


That Rebellion let us to mark players as leal or cheat, and if we create a match, the server auto-block we cheat list players automatic.

I hope Rebellion read this and give us more things to prevent this things. Because is a horrible virus, so players and Rebellion programmers have to work together.

Posted 2 years ago


Try the solution below.

Go to:


backup the profile in "slot1" (or the whole PC_ProfileSaves directory, just in case) and rename it  to "slot0", replacing the previous "slot0" file.

Looks like there is a kind of fail-safe mechanism incorporated, performing the instant saves in two files alternatively, while only one of them becomes broken during a system crash.

The directory may be hidden depending on your Windows setting so you may need to adjust it in the "View"setting at the top of the window.

Worked for me, not in the exact spot I have lost my savegames, but pretty close. Still, the earnings are huge.



Thank you very much friend. 

I'll try it as soon as I can. 

Having a solution has already made 

my day a great.

 Cordial greetings.

Posted 2 years ago

 Maybe can help you "Simple Runtime Window Editor" program. This is used for playing games surround/eyefinity, and have the option to minimize, move, adjust the window if you have window mode the game.


Posted 2 years ago


I wanted to "load" saved game. The screen has been black and the computer has been locked. No windows buttons worked

I have rebooted the system, but it has not recovered my profile, just start the game gives a message "save corrupted".

I only had the option to accept the message, and followed me to choose screen brightness, sound ... and in the menu effectively my level is 0 (I already had 40 level and unlocked everything ...).

I'm surprised that I do not save my profile nor steam nor to load another of my saved games. I note that if they load the save link and weapons, but still at level 0, and without unlocking the improvements made earlier to this crash.

For this reason, I urge Rebellion:

1) If I can do something to retrieve my profile

2) Regardless, can you tell me where to store for win10 the profiles and saves game so I can make backups in the future?

I have win10, 1070gtx and play 2560x1080 ultra well until yersterday with this problem. This is the first problem I have after 25 game hours...


Posted 2 years ago

 This weekend steam something updated to the game Se4, and casual or not, sniper killcam has been improved. Now there is more scene from the shot to the impact.

It's better than killcam that Se3. But you still need to be able to see how the impact hole does when the x-rays do not come out, either having this option triggered or simply not activating. Because it seems to go through the bullet head without leaving symptoms.

Maybe Se4 need a bullet flight camera that rotates around the bullet like Sev2 to make it look nicer.

Great job this game, Rebellion.

The more I play the more I like it.

Posted 2 years ago

 With the Carcano I do this shooting the left granade over the belt (if Enemy look front of me) .

For easy way, I find and enemy with, save the game and "load" until do it xd.

Posted 2 years ago

 I would assume the game triggers more ricochets on hard surfaces like the cobblestone streets, metal props and brick walls. I'd also guess it penalizes soft surfaces like sand, wood and grassy dirt. I've also found that the pulley environmental kills (like the second kill on San Celini Island) sometimes count as ricochet kills. 

 Nice help. Thanks

Posted 2 years ago

 First question...

How unlock the update for Thompson weapon that say "kill with deflecting bullets".

I have tried to shoot on the ground to hit enemies... but "0" deads.. Any suggest?


Posted 2 years ago

 -I do not like the game to force you to stand up to heal a wounded or to register a body if we were lying down. Well it exposes you to the enemies, for example in survival mode.

-What about let to Throw a medicine cabinet over a wounded man to cure him without exposing usself. Maybe a nice update.