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Posted 5 days ago

 Mastery, such as I have Platinum selected for myself on all three of my weapon masterys

Posted 6 days ago - edited 6 days ago by OneBgBdArtemis

 Ok, so for the fun of it I went back, started the campaign on mission 1 chapter 1 on easy, made sure to get some decent points out of it, went through it to the safe house, game went through it's whole point tally and all and then achievement for the level 50 unlocked. So went from showing level 45 on title screen, 50.5 or so on the records screen to now 50.75 finally as it should be. Again. WHY were macrotransactions more important than releasing a bug FREE title? Only title out of SE1, V2, 3, 4, and ZA Trilogy that I've had any issues at all with. And that's across all three XBox platforms. SE 1 on XBox, SE V2 on 360, then V2 Remastered on the One, SE 3 Ultimate Edition on 360, SE 3 Ultimate Edition on XBox One, SE 4 Ultimate Edition on XBox One and ZA Trilogy on XBox One. Let's get that QC back under control shal we ol' chaps?

Posted 6 days ago

Ran through to see what would happen

Records Screen-And no level 50 achievement

Title Screen

WTAH is going on here? Pun intended

Posted 6 days ago

 I think what he's asking, and if not then I am, is why can't we use them in public Horde? I for one wouldn't mind others seeing that I mastered my weapons. After all, what's the point of "skins" if they really only have bearing in Solo?

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 I'm going to add my useless, but need to state two cents worth here.

The blatant in your face macrotransactions have decided me to forego Sniper Elite 5 if there is indeed a next installment. It concerns me that this series made it to this point, with ALL entries having little, SE4, to no macrotransactions to this point. It made it to this point, number 1 BECAUSE it lacked them and 2, because the fans of this series supported it without fail, without the need for macrotransactions. I for one, even after completing all of them, will be missing the next one due to this simple step in the wrong direction.

The reason this really bothers me is that I am greeted with a main page that has a not so small area dedicated to macrotransactions, BUT in game I have a bug wherein often times after a cinematic head shot, the game will be stuck in cinematic mode and I'm running around with no clue which grenade I have equipped, how many more successive kills to my next mele health regen and of course not seeing the whole picture, as it were. It's really disconcerting to see skin awards for weekly challenges, but oh hey, you go buy these other skins also. WHY?!!

These macro's have the effect of making one such as myself think that the macro's were more important than a bug free quality release. I, frankly, am tired of the practice. I will tell you for a frame of reference that we are a family of four, ALL in different locations, wife in one state, me here, daughter in another state and mother in yet another one. We are of the same mind when it comes to this practice, meaning that's Four copies this family will not be purchasing of the next installment. Consider I know that I'm not the only gamer with this mindset. How many gamers out of the millions play the SE series and have this mindset? Just food for thought.

So consider what the fans want before implementing this kind of industry behavior, sorry, behaviour!!

Posted 6 days ago

 Finished campaign on Hard first run-through, made it to level 45, went to Horde mode shortly afterward and started solo Horde on the first map. Survived 13 waves before exiting, award page showed leveling to 47.5. Went to main page, still shows 45. Any particular reason? Was I supposed to play on normal, get to 45, then play again on Hard and get to level 95, then again on any difficulty till I get to 100? Not understanding what I'm supposed to do here.