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Posted 5 days ago

 Please for the love of the zombie god, be more imaginative.

Change the challenges! Amp it up, whatever.

I am so sick of doing 80 Headshots on the bitter end.

Do at least 3 challenges for each player, and different ones.

Make a pool of challenges and swap them around the players,

it would be muuch more enjoyable if different players have different challenges.

I mean this is not your first game, should've done it from the start.

But yeah as others posted, microtransactions are more important...

Posted 1 week ago

 Why cant I use the dlc weapons I bought in the Season Pass in Horde Mode?

It is so annoying, I paid for this but I am not allowed to use it in all of the game.

I dont want to play 54x through the campaign to get the weapons to max.