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Posted 5 hours ago

 whats ya PSN ID we can play together sometime.

Posted 4 days ago

I am on ps4

Posted 4 days ago

 I am still getting XP no problem so idk.

Posted 4 days ago

 where if you do say 15 waves or more & get say 4-5 levels in game it will show though when you go to the main menu after the game they dont count & wont show up.

Posted 4 days ago

 I still hear horde mode is still bugged -_- like cmon rebellion seriously?

Posted 5 days ago

 as the title states im LF PS4 Players you MUST have a mic, Later this evening I am wanting to partner up with people to get gold metals & to grind for upgrade kits etc....... :D

Posted 5 days ago

 idk though maybe in the future they may add that into a patch.

Posted 1 week ago

 I was playing horde mode earlier with 3 friends & we all gained like 4-5 levels within like 15 waves & after the game they did not count & we were the exact same levels we were when we 1st started the horde mode game like what the heck really???????