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Posted 2 years ago

 This is on my list since the first time you mentioned it. I wasn't very interested in VR until BZ came into the world. Unfortunately pre-orders are not available in my region :( and my prime is for Oh well. Will wait for the release.

Posted 3 years ago

 Hi guys just to let you know that I'll have a sabbatical time on Steam. Main account got a spectacular crash on a game on testing last night and the second one (Boom) has no rights yet as not fed. I was considering to open a wallet on it but for now I really need a break from Steam.

Therefore if SE4 launches in the meantime I'll be on PS4.

Happy gaming and see ya soon

PS. Off topic BZ is a very nicely done remaster (not perfect, but nothing critical and the new patch solved most problems). I'll post a review only on my blog since the up-mentioned "me and Steam don't like each other anymore" :P Would have been nice to have BZ on PS4 but oh well.

Posted 3 years ago

 Hey guys,

The battlezone98 redux 1 day test is real.

And you guessed it. Multiplayer testing. 18 year old games need some love and attention when they are being forced through high speed modern internet.

 Thank you I also got the very prompt support reply in the meantime.

Unfortunately the Dean doesn't approve me to use the internet for this and I'll be back home only at the end of the week. I really really want to reschedule my life somehow.

My internet connection at home is 500 MBps I hope it is good enough to play the game. :)

Posted 3 years ago

 Now tho as you said and giving my recent "experience" with Steam ... what if is fake.? Should I veify it with Rebellion support? I wish Rob would read this.

Posted 3 years ago

 No it's the genuine letter and the terms specifically says participation in one day and beta keys will deactivate the next day.

I know the beta letters as I done before.

Posted 3 years ago

 Well I didn't find a forum for BZ so I put it here.
I got an invitation to beta the multiplayer but boomer is just one day and obviously in a day I can't.

I understand the reasons but still very very very very very very boomed out :(

Oh well I guess I'll wait for the game release. 

Posted 3 years ago

 I have a question and think is better to put it here among fans don't want debates just a simple answer :)

Is it better for the developer if I buy the game from Steam or from GOG? Or is it better if I buy the DVD? Or makes no difference. I prefer the DVD most of the time but I would like to know.

Thank you.

Posted 3 years ago

 hi Red is still the same YT channel right? :)

Hope to see plenty of gameplays on SE4

Posted 3 years ago

..don't want to see any videos of you landing on your arse ha!.

 If you ever feel the earth shaking ....  :D

Now I know we can't ask about what / where scenarios will be (maybe a little whisper I ain't tell anyone promise) but my option for a really really hard battle in Authentic would be Monte Cassino. My great grandad fought there I only heard the stories from my grandad seems that was pure hell.

Posted 3 years ago

 Mairtin the way you describe the game is as tempting as the trailer.

Yeah I can imagine a nice den to rest in after hunting with my trusted battleaxe ... oh wait wrong game. :) Tho I would be really impressed by a designer that would make a sniper gun looking like a battleaxe.

A thing that am expecting for is loads and loads of achievements. Yeah I know, what can say am an achievementoholic. I think ranking and achievements motivates most players.

Example what am I doing now .... after reading that article with the guy that hit 99 in The Division and has an assortment of 100k DPS? Yup am trying to overcome my currently 54K DPS.

I liked the new moves I hope will be smooth and fluid nothing worst than jerky sneak or crawl moves not to mention shimmy across. I've done lots of climbing and platforms/ledges crossing in real life and what am seeing in many games well the moves are rather unnatural. The moves from the trailer tho seems nicely done so high expectations here :)

Posted 3 years ago


I like the uniforms the "alpine" is my favourite :) and hope the Partisans which were a very important factor will be featured. And I presume MAB 38 will be the main weapon it was largely used.

Posted 3 years ago

 Hey Mairtin. Guess who? No seriously, guess.

This was my previous Steam account but is dead now (been hacked as told you). New one is Boom. Am not sure yet if I'll put my SE back on Steam haven't put any other game except some freebies and Dungeon Defenders 2 because am testing it. Kind of lost trust in Steam but will let you know. I might decide to stick with PS4 in the end.

I can't wait to play SE4 regardless of platform :) anyway. Still SE1 is also my all time  favourite too as was the first.

Am also not a fan of multiplayer the PvP and coops were one of the major let down in all games of the 2015 so waiting for a better 2016. Rebellion has the chance to prove me wrong with SE4 tho my biggest wish is for long scenarios in amazing places. And good music. If Nick is on charge I know it will be :)